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2008年12月 7日 (日)










Wedding ceremonies are always so enjoyable. I love watching the bridal couple in their wedding clothes. Though the wedding ceremony wasn't extravagant, everyone thought the hairstyle I made with a red flower and a crane design was beautiful and luxurious.

The shining sense of Japanese beauty created a feeling of balance with the bride and the hakama of the black crested kimono of the bridegroom.

I had to bring a kimono and sandals with me to Shinkobe from Tokyo on the Shinkansen departing at 8:10 am.

Usually, I do my own hair and make for events but as I was at the hotel hair salon, I asked them to do it.

Is the high-topped hairstyle Kansai style? I didn't like that particular look because I was from Tokyo. I eventually got them to shorten it a little.

The salon staff seemed to know the basics of hairstyling for kimonos but were a little weak in its perfection. When I requested the hairstyle,
I was shown photographs in a model magazine and I matched one with my kimono and used my own variations and created a more flowing hairstyle. Finally, I had a hairstyle that was not like any photograph but looked good enough to be photographed.

The kimono I wore was used a traditional tie-dyeing technique with wonderful color. The same color was used when I was a track and field club athlete in high school. My friend who is now a priest, told me that I was the first and since then it is a recommended style.


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